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Our body treatments & massage therapies includes Body Massage, Aromatherapy Massage with pre blended oils, Indian Head Massage, Back Shoulder and Neck Massage, Reflexology. See our price list below for full service and prices.



Body & Massage Treatments

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Massage & Body Treatments

Massage therapies & body treatments & includes Body, Aromatherapy with pre blended oils, Indian Head, Back Shoulder and Neck treatments & Reflexology.

See our price list below for full service and prices.

Price List

Body Treatment & Massage Therapies
Full Body Swedish £45
Aromatherapy (Pre Blended Oils) £45
Indian Head Massage £25
Back, Shoulder & Neck £25
Reflexology £40
The above treatments can be beneficial in many ways to the mind, body and spirit. key benefits include improving your mood, headache relief, lowering blood pressure, increasing flexibility, breaking back pain and curbing carpal tunnel or simply treating yourself.
Reflexology is an alternative method involving application of pressure to the feet and hands with specific thumb, finger, and hand techniques without the use of oil or lotion. It is based on a system of zones and reflex areas that purportedly reflect an image of the body on the feet and hands, with the premise that such work effects a physical change to the body.
The Cochrane Collaboration defines reflexology as follows:
"Reflexology is gentle manipulation or pressing on certain parts of the foot to produce an effect elsewhere in the body."

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